Coming up on Sunday’s *Pride Time* show – September 30th!

30 09 2012

What? More dudes running about a pitch but with sticks today??? 🙂

Yeah? Sure that’ll be over by the time the show starts so switch quickly! 🙂

We’ll be catching up with Tiernan Brady of GLEN (Gay & Lesbian Equality Network Ireland)  to find out about the upcoming ILGA-Europe conference that will be held in Dublin from the 18th-21st of October!

We’ll also have all the Activities & Events for this week plus the weekly Gig Guide and Sinéad will also be playing out her random assortment of tunage!

You can stream the show live from here!


Coming up on Sunday’s *Pride Time* show – Feb 19th!

17 02 2012

Coming up on Sunday’s Pride Time (freq. 90.3fm) from 5.30-6.30pm February 19th,  join me, Sinéad NíChonaill as I will be talking to GLEN, the Gay + Lesbian Equality Network!

We’ll be featuring Donna McCaul’s EuroSong entry Mercy, so make sure to listen out for that!

I will have the ‘Icon Of The Week‘ which is between Meryl Streep and Billie Jean King!

You can stream the show live from here!