Delegates Protest Ministers Speech

7 09 2012

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Delegates of a transgender Human Rights conference protested during  Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton?s keynote speech this  morning.  Delegates stood holding placards saying ‘No Forced Divorce’,  ‘Not Good Enough’, ‘My Identity, My Right’, ‘Minister Burton Hurry Up’ as Minister Burton concluded her address to the 4th European  Transgender Council taking place in Dublin City University.

The protesters expressed anger and frustration at the ongoing delay  hindering the introduction of Gender Recognition Legislation in  Ireland.  Such legislation would facilitate trans people to have their  birth certificates amended to reflect their gender identity.  For the  past five years, Ireland has been in breach of its obligations under  the European Convention on Human Rights to introduce Gender  Recognition Legislation and is one of the only remaining countries in  the European Union without such legislation.

Noise Organiser Cat McIlroy criticised, ‘Current government proposals  would violate the dignity, autonomy and human rights of trans people.   Requiring individuals to be diagnosed with a mental disorder to access  a legal right is humiliating and degrading.  Also proposed is the  requirement that individuals not be married or civilly partnered, thus  forcing people to divorce or dissolve supportive relationships.  These  proposals would enshrine in legislation further shame, stigma and  discrimination of an already marginalised group.’

Noise welcomes Minister Burton’s promise to refer the proposals to the  Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Social Protection and Education for  further consultation with trans people and families.

Noise will be joining with trans activists and conference delegates at  a Rally for Recognition in response to Minister Burton’s speech at 7pm  tonight on the President’s Lawn in Dublin City University.

Noise calls on Minister Burton to ensure that the legislation respects  and upholds the dignity and human rights of trans people.

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